Old Coin

Wishing on a dirty

Old coin that you

Found when you

Were young and felt

A sea was brewing

In front of you would just

Let yourself drown in

Opportunity in spunk

Or skill set or just luck

Your pride and conviction

To be papa’s little solider

Or mama’s mother Mary

Settle less for no more

Simple hunger hones bore

Old coin, did I find you or did you find me?

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, it’s my birthday again. No dramatic antics this year that’s fine.

Personally, I don’t celebrate the celebration of my birthday. It’s just another day to me.

Although I am thankful for those who greet me, take the time to remember and aren’t busy enough to forget.

This year is my twenty-second.  I bid farewell to any hopes of me getting any taller, jumping on new year hasn’t worked as well

as I hoped the last eighteen times I tried.

But thank you life, you have been full of colourful chock-full box of chocolatey experiences I treasure dearly.

Thanks heart for beating up until year twenty two and thank you for whoever keeps it beating, whatever keeps it beating, keeps me fighting.

If I were to celebrate anything, it must very well be life and it’s creator.  I can’t thank myself solely because I didn’t create myself. My parents sort of

created a blueprint of skin, flesh and bones but are not the reason of my existence and consciousness I’m sure. (thanks mama papa)

I wouldn’t be “alive” either weren’t it for the things, people and events around me and these of which I share my path with.

I will continue to be better, wiser and learn from my universe of mistakes. To those I have wronged…sincerest sorry. To those who have

wronged me, watch out! I’m kidding, I want to learn to be evermore forgiving.

Thanks everyone for making it all seem special, thank the maker for all of you.

Happy birthday to me. #